Our history

Our history

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile GmbH has been established since 2000 in Berlin, Germany and has been operating worldwide since 2004.  The owner, is a German entrepreneurs started the company with a passion for cars and providing high quality service to the car-part industry. The name has been chosen in order to designate that the Company exclusively supplies motor vehicle parts, lubricants and other fluids. Since 2010 the company has established strategic partners in Belarus, Russia and Lithuania to help distribution and client acquisition. The company has a world-wide presence, being able to deliver the goods through selected logistic partners to any part of the world.

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile all global all quality

Delivery to any place of the world

Large capacity warehouse

Packaging of spare parts edit

Great variety or products for different types of transport

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile years of experience

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile GmbH is a company with over 16-year experience, established in the capital city of Germany - Berlin. The Company specialises in sales of genuine parts and windshields, lubricants and other fluids.

Thanks to the top quality products, large storage capacities and perfect service in any place of the world the company occupies the leading positions in this market.