T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile team

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile team

The Company devotes great attention to the selection of personnel and training of professionals. The training of high quality staff in the servicing area guarantees exceptional attention to individual customers and their exclusive needs.

The Company’s vehicle fleet and contracts with the world’s leading transport companies facilitate the expedited delivery of products across the world.

The large capacity warehouse, where wide variety of the highest quality products is stored, responsible packaging and safe delivery of products to any place of the world as well as the exclusive attention to the quality and parts guarantee for the Company the leader’s positions in the market.


T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile all global all quality

Delivery to any place of the world

Large capacity warehouse

Packaging of spare parts edit

Great variety or products for different types of transport

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile years of experience

T.E.S.T. Kfz-Ersatzteile GmbH is a company with over 16-year experience, established in the capital city of Germany - Berlin. The Company specialises in sales of genuine parts and windshields, lubricants and other fluids.

Thanks to the top quality products, large storage capacities and perfect service in any place of the world the company occupies the leading positions in this market.